Champions of MILLIONS UK

3 years ago ● Harry Dukes

The first stop of partypoker LIVE’s iconic MILLIONS Tour has drawn to a close. A truly epic way to kick off the turn of a new decade, 2020 promises big things for the rest of the schedule partypoker LIVE have to offer.

For those that are dying to find out who has been crowned respective champions of the events during MILLIONS UK, you need not wait any longer!

Champions of MILLIONS UK

Event #4: MILLIONS UK Main Event!
The Main Event, a $10,300 buy-in $5,000,000 guaranteed event with the prestigious title and trophy for the winner.

Total Entries: 530
Total Prizepool: $5,300,000
Champion: Anton Suarez Johansson

We caught up with Anton for a quick interview after his amazing win. Quite the story! He is a PLO cash game player, and had no intention of playing the tournament when he arrived at the start of the festival. $1,000,000 later, he's glad he did! Check out the interview. 

We also managed to catch up with local legend James 'Raggy' Clarke, who came a very respectable 4th place for $311,000. Check out his interview here.

Event #1: MILLIONS Mini
Kicking things off, the MILLIONS Mini. A $1,100 buy-in event with a huge $1,000,000 guarantee.

Total Entries: 1,030
Total Prizepool: $1,206,000 (includes 20x Main Event seats)
Champion: Nikolay Ponomarev

Event #2: Warm Up
Next was the Warm Up, to get people geared up for the Main Event. This event had a $2,200 buy-in.

Total Entries: 39
Total Prizepool: $78,000
Champion: Paul Siddle

Event #3: MILLIONS Super High Roller
The $25,500 buy-in Super High Roller was a fun and jovial tournament, streamed LIVE on PokerGo!

Total Entries: 37
Total Prizepool: $925,000
Champion: Kahle Burns

Event #5: DTD500
The classic DTD500 making an appearance, at $550 buy-in – the event is more available to players of all calibres.

Total Entries: 243
Total Prizepool: $121,500
Champion: Ersoy Serkan

Event #6: MILLIONS High Roller Finale
Just can’t get enough of high stakes action? A second chance for the high roller players with a $10,300 buy-in.

Total Entries: 95
Total Prizepool: $1,000,000
Champion: Joao Vieira

Event #7: 200 Bounty
Who doesn’t love a bounty tournament? At $220 buy-in, everyone can enjoy the fun of winning a bounty!

Total Entries: 197
Total Prizepool: $19,700
Champion: David Johnson

Event #8: Pot Limit Omaha
For those who say two cards are not enough, the $2,200 buy-in event gave these players a few extra!

Total Entries: 34
Total Prizepool: $68,000
Champion: Youness Barakat

Event #9: 500 Bounty
More bounty hunting action, but, higher stakes. This time a $550 buy-in, making the elusive KO’s a little sweeter.

Total Entries: 72
Total Prizepool: $18,000
Champion: Jiayu Ruan



MILLIONS UK is over after a fantastic 9 events and crowning 9 champions. However, MILLIONS Tour is far from finished. Next up is MILLIONS South America. Check out the great promotions, satellites and event schedule.